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Glass Fibre Roofing (GRP Roofing)

A GRP roof is tough and hard wearing and lasts at least 25 years.

The Glassfibre layer is formed directly onto the new deck and bonds to the decking boards to form a fully bonded roof.

The laminate contains no welds or glued joints. The entire roof surface and all the edge detail are formed in one continuous piece of GRP bonded to the roof deck and any associated structures. This means there are absolutely no joints to fail.

A typical job specification for a replacement GRP flat roof that will simply last & last:-

  1. All existing stone chipping's, felt coverings etc will be cleared from the roof area. Substrate (usually chipboard) will then be stripped to expose the main roof joists.
  2. If required, the roof area will be re-decked with 18mm tongue and groove OSB3 sterling boards which will be securely fixed with 75mm ring shank nails and / or 75mm wood screws.
  3. Our GRP pre -formed trims will be fixed into position.
  4. 450g or 600g of glassfibre chopped strand mat will be tailored to fit your roof area. The mat will then be impregnated with polyester resin onto the new deck to form a seamless GRP membrane.
  5. Once curing time has elapsed usually between 1 - 4 hours depending on ambient temperature, a polyester resin gel coat will be applied to the whole roof area.
  6. Where a flat roof meets a brick wall, a chasing will be cut into a chosen coarse approximately 30mm deep. A GRP simulated lead flashing will be fixed into the chase and re pointed with a sand/cement mortar or lead mastic.
  7. Where a flat roof meets a tiled roof, as in the case of a dormer construction, glass fibre membrane will be extended up and under the tiled roof area approximately 300mm
  8. All debris will be cleared from the site.
  9. Finally the owner will be issued with a no quibble 25 year full guarantee which can be called upon in the unlikely event that the roof should fail for whatever reason.
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